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What is Tramadol Used to Treat Long-Standing Pain? How Safe is It to Take Tramadol?

What is Tramadol Used to Treat Long-Standing Pain? How Safe is It to Take Tramadol? - Unitedmedicines

Chronic pain is no joke. It can result from a severe injury/accident or following a major surgical operation. Such pain that lasts for more than 6 months requires pain relievers of a special kind. Generally available over-the-counter painkillers do no good in handling the pain of such nature. That’s where powerful opioid narcotics come into the picture. Opioid pain relievers are much more potent at relieving severe to mild pain than commonly available painkillers.


Tramadol is one such sought-after narcotic pain reliever taken into use for the treatment of chronic/acute painful conditions. Individuals with chronic pain are prescribed Tramadol quite frequently. Patients requiring immediate relief for short-term pain are prescribed its immediate-release formulation whereas those needing continuous, around-the-clock pain management are advised to take its extended-release formulation. The medicine comes in the form of tablets that are meant to be taken orally. 


Keep the pointers mentioned below in mind when using Tramadol and you are good to go.

  1. Use only if prescribed.
  2. Take it in the correct dose at the right time.
  3. Do not mix alcohol and tramadol. 
  4. Be responsible with the medicine.  


Tramadol works in a similar fashion as does a hormone called endorphin. It binds to certain pain receptors in the brain and the spinal cord, thus reducing pain sensitivity. How our brain usually perceives pain is altered through the action mechanism of Tramadol. 

Millions around the world vouch for the safety and efficacy of Tramadol. It was approved by the US regulatory body, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in the mid-1990s. Following its introduction in the market, many people in dire pain finally found sustained, great relief from their many painful medical conditions. It was a hit medicine. It soon became the first inline choice of drug to treat moderate to moderately severe pain in adults. 


Opioids are addictive and prone to cause dependency. One must be very careful with the prolonged use of Tramadol. Talk to your doctor if you feel a certain kind of dependency forming on the medicine. Take the medicine only if and when prescribed and in the dosage and duration advised by the doctor. Those that make the mistake of self-medicating Tramadol and using it for recreational purposes often pay a great price due to their negligence. Prescription medicines like Tramadol should only be taken at the behest of a doctor.

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