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Penis erection is also known as penile tumescence. Moreover, it is a physiological phenomenon where the penis enlarges, engorges, and becomes rigid for some time. The penis is a male sex organ that helps to produce offspring through copulation and also serves as a urinary duct. Neural, vascular, psychological, and endocrinal factors interact in combination together to make the penis erect. Penis erection also occurs in association with sexual attraction or arousal. 

Moreover, the shape, size, angle, and direction vary from one male to another after erection. Penis erection is an important part of reproduction activity because you need an erection in order to penetrate the vagina and inseminate it. Moreover, sexual intercourse comes under effect if there is a sign of penis erection. 

Additionally, an erection occurs when nitric oxide increases after the brain trigger it leading to blood flow concentration in regions of the penis. Interestingly one must also know that erection is not always under the conscious control of the brain because a variety of stimuli which also includes sexual stimulation and arousal can make a penis erect. 

Furthermore, partial penis erection is also known as semi-erection or partial tumescence. In addition, in this type of erection penis remains flaccid or soft rather than fully rigid. There also exist problems with penis erection. Moreover, some specific kinds of psychological or physical issues can lead to problems with penis erection. 

Furthermore, there are medical conditions regarding issues with penis erection as follows:

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

It is a medical condition that makes some male’s penis unable to develop or maintain penis erection. Male impotence is also another term for this condition.


It is an inability of the penis to stay in its flaccid state for a long time. The person also faces unbearable pain in this condition.

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