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Is Aspadol 100mg Suggested During Menstrual Cramps? Do They have Any Long Term Side Effects?

Is Aspadol 100mg Suggested During Menstrual Cramps? -

Menstruation is a monthly bleeding in a woman, where the monthly buildup of the uterine lining is discarded. The blood is shed from the body through the vagina. On average, a girl gets her 1st period between the age of 11 to 14, and this cycle continues every month until hit by menopause.Women have menstrual cycle every month and in 90% of women periods are accompanied by menstrual cramps. Menstrual cramps or pain, also known as dysmenorrhea, are very common in women. It may be of varying intensity in every woman. More or less, the pain is experienced by almost every girl. Somewhere near 80% of females experience menstrual pain at some stage in their lifetime. It being a problem to face every month becomes quite annoying. For such a situation, painkiller medicines such as Aspadol 100mg are suggested. 

Aspadol 100mg is an opioid (narcotic) painkiller drug with a dual mechanism to ease the pain. Aspadol 100mg consists of Tapentadol, which is a primary constituent. It is a muscle relaxant pill to ensure that your body pain does not take the center stage in your life. Aspadol 100mg works in the nervous system by tricking the nerve cells and the brain, restricting the pain signals from reaching the brain. Aspadol 100mg is used to cure mild to severe aches. Depending on the severity of the pain, the doctors prescribe the dosage and type of drug. Aspadol 100mg comes in two forms, immediate-release, and extended-release. If the menstrual cramps are unbearably harsh, doctors suggest an immediate-release type of Aspadol 100mg; otherwise, extended-release tablets are given. You can use Aspadol 100mg tablets to treat moderate to sever pain such as lower back pain, headache etc. Before taking Aspadol tablet in such case you must ask your doctor or other medical subordinate.

Depending on the intensity of the pain, your doctor will decide the dosage. Doctors suggest the lowest effective dose, which brings comfort to the period cramp. If the lowest form of quantity is not benefitting, then your doctor will increase it accordingly. If a 50mg Aspadol dose reciprocates with severe bodily side effects, the doctor will reduce the dosage to 25 mg. An initial dose of Aspadol starts with the strength of 50 to 100mg at an interval of 4-6 hours or as per need. Try not to exceed the dosage of Aspadol beyond 700mg in a day, which is the maximum dose per day. Adverse effects such as fatal respiratory depression or gastrointestinal issues are seen in case of overdosage or chemical imbalance. As Aspadol 100mg is a narcotic drug, stop the drugs after 2-3 weeks, or it will make you addicted. Some risk factors may rise if there is concomitant use of Aspadol 100mg and alcohol, resulting in long-term effects such as depression, coma, etc.

 Do not opt for Aspadol 100mg or any tapentadol pill if you have used MAO inhibitors in the past 14 days as it may serve tremendous side effects after the interaction of two drugs. It is okay to have some minor side effects such as mild drowsiness, nausea, constipation, headache, etc. Although some side effects may be harmless or mild, if it is posing a threat, then do visit your doctor. Some severe side effects may be a sign that the pills aren’t working properly or your body is not coping with the drug. If Aspadol 100mg causes excessive bleeding, seek medical attention.

Many home remedies such as relaxing with a hot pad, yoga, or massages might help, but the results won’t last long. Aspadol 100mg has got your back in case such pain. Order Aspadol 100mg and have a pain-free period.

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