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How Long should Ol-Tram 100mg Tablets be Continued?

How long should Ol Tram 100 mg be continued? -

There are several reasons that can contribute to pain such as aging, intense workout, deficiencies, injury, surgery, etc. Dealing with  pain while going about your daily life gets difficult to deal with. To help you get rid of such excruciating painful conditions, doctors suggest Ol Tram 100mg.

Ol Tram 100mg is an opioid analgesic drug used to treat all kinds of pain and aches. Doctors suggest Ol Tram for treating joint pain, headache, muscle pain, etc., be it moderate to moderately severe pain. Although the exact mechanism of action of Ol tram 100mg is unknown, it has a similar working process as other narcotic drugs that block the pain signals from reaching the brain. 

The duration and dosage should be taken on the doctor’s prescription. Dosages and strength differ from person to person, based on age and health-related factors. Typically, your doctor will start with a minimal dose of 50mg, then consider a 50-100mg maintenance dose every 4-6 hours. A maximum of 400mg dose of Ol Tram 100mg is prescribed per day. One should not increase the dosage on their own will as it might cause serious damaging effects.

Doctors prescribe Ol Tram 100mg for a short-term duration since it belongs to the narcotic class of drugs. The maximum course of duration for Ol Tram 100mg is 2-3 weeks, using it for more than that may lead to abuse and addiction. It is advisable not to consume more than 3 pills in a day and one at bedtime, taking more than one pill at a time can cause overdose. Generally, Ol Tram 100mg is not prescribed to children below the age of 12 years but if prescribed it should be taken consciously. Overdose of Ol Tram 100mg can be fatal in children and those who have taken the medication wrongly without a doctor’s prescription. However, tramadol overdose causing death is rare, and only up to 1% of hospitalization cases are seen. 

Some side effects of overdose are shortness of breath or no breath, pinpoint pupils, extreme drowsiness, weak muscles, loss of consciousness, etc. Some cases of overdose have resulted in seizures and hypertension. Your doctor will prescribe naloxone medication as it will reverse an opioid overdose in case of shortness of breath. If there is a situation of overdose and signs of toxicity, immediately pay a visit to your nearest doctor. If there are any concerns in your mind related to overdose and its side effects, talk to your doctors.

Continuing Ol Tram 100mg for a long time may not serve good results as it will stop working. So it is advisable to stick to the prescription. Use of Ol Tram 100mg might serve some withdrawal symptoms if you decrease the dosage or suddenly stop taking the medication. A study has reported that almost 10% of people consuming Ol Tram 100mg for a month developed depression.

There is a saying, “anything in excess is harmful,” so is Ol Tram 100mg. It is an excellent medication to treat pain only when used the right way. Buy Ol Tram 100mg from and enjoy a pain-free and physically active life.

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